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Welcome to the Structural Biochemistry Group web page

The research focus of our group is on structural biochemistry. We employ a combination of X-ray crystallography, cryogenic electron microscopy and biochemical techniques to develop insights into various cellular pathways. In particular, we employ structural information to understand mechanism of catalysis of enzymes involved in select biosynthetic pathways. Our major research areas include study of the mechanism of catalytic coupling and channeling of unstable intermediates in purine metabolism and unraveling the intricacies of antibiotic resistance conferring methyl transferases. We are also involved in developing broad spectrum sensors to monitor water pollution and employ a combination of sequence and structural information to decipher structure-activity and evolutionary relationships of enzymes involved in nucleobase deamination. In addition, our laboratory studies proteins involved in antibiotic production in various streptomyces species.  Together these studies facilitate in identification and design of novel drug targets and aid in rationally engineering an enzyme with therapeutic and environmental applications.

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